Madison Street Capital Snags A Coveted Award

In recent news, Madison Street Capital was the recipient of the 20017 M&A Advisor Award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year. This award was in regards to their WLR Automotive transaction from the previous year. The award has been honoring those whole excel in various aspects of the financial world since 2002. In order to receive such an honor, the company had to beat a long list of impressive competition. David Fergusson who is the Co-CEO of Madison Street Capital, says that he is deeply honored to receive this award out of the 650 participating companies. In addition to receiving the award, they were also named as a finalist for the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year and Financial Dela of the Year.


Madison Street Capital is one of the premier international investment banking firms in the country. They have created a reputation for excellence by delivering results paired with excellent customer service. They offer a variety of services that are designed to help clients get the most out of their business endeavors and investments. Some of the services they offer include corporate advisory, business valuation, financial reporting, financial options, asset management, wealth and tax planning.


Madison Street Capital continues to grow and excel as a middle market investment firm and specializes in the field of mergers and acquisitions. They employ some of the most knowledgeable professionals to help give the correct financing plan and structure to help get the most out of every transaction based on individual client needs. Whether their clients need a sound exit strategy, or they want to improve their investment portfolio, Madison Street Capital has the seasoned professionals with the experience necessary to help get the most out of ever service their clients need. Clients all over the world know that they can depend on Madison Street Capital to deliver the results they need to create a favorable financial environment and give them a greater advantage in business and investing. They have many offices all over the world, such as Asia and Africa, but their home office is located in Chicago. When clients use the services of Madison Street Capital, they know they can depend on them to get the job done right.


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Aloha Construction Company, An Example To Other Family Owned Businesses

Many family businesses get established with the intention of securing the financial future of its members. For these companies to become profitable to expand they resort to employing professional employees to assist them to run the business. Aloha Construction is one good example of such a firm that has done well due to this strategy. As a family-owned company, Aloha Construction has grown to a very dependable construction firm that serves its clients to satisfaction.

Aloha Construction located in Lake Zurich got established in 2008 by Dave Farbaky has run the business competitively and successfully for years. Aloha Construction prides itself on providing quality services and skills nationally and has completed thousands of projects in time. For Aloha construction the critical factor that drives a company to success is a quality relationship with employees that extends beyond business parameter.

Making employee’s part of your family is the secret ingredient that Aloha construction has employed to grow its business to greater heights. The four ways that the company has hired in creating a healthy family team include-first offering life-long positions. Life-long positions create time to know other colleagues as well as the family thus building personal relations. As a result, employees will care and have genuine interests towards the success of the business, and Aloha Construction’s lacrosse camp.

Secondly is rewarding good work. Appreciation of job well done will create competitiveness within employees and drive the company forward with overall better performance.

Training offered by the company can boost the optimum output per person. Distributing skills and knowledge to employees, this creates familiarity and relaxation in the business providing a calm environment.

Lastly spending time outside of work with employees is also a factor that develops business. Getting to know your employees at a personal level creates a bond, trust and overall increasing accountability in the industry, and

The construction firm is committed to ensuring that their employees are their family by providing long-term jobs, offering training in the field, promotions, and certifications, and finally spending quality time with your employees. The Construction company advice all small business with a vision to grow to apply the above tips and sprout beyond their goals, and

Journey Path of Adam Milstein Philanthropist Work

Adam Milstein is one of the respected people in the world due to the exceptional services that he provides. Furthermore, he made lot cash because of the investment in the real estate sector. In the United States a lot of people are being helped by Adam Milstein because he is an Israel-American hence he helps his community who resides their hence he acknowledges all over the world. Born and raised in Israel enabled him to among the IDF troop in the Tom Kippur War in the year 1973. He respects and follows the cultural ways of the Israel society. In the year 1981, he was able to relocate with his wife in the United States so that they can have good economic probabilities. He was able to attend the University of Israel and got a degree in business and economic and got an MBA from Southern California these enabled him to become a prosperous businessman, and his Website.


As a sales agent when Adam Milstein started in the real estate industry it enabled him to be known due to the hard work that he put through these enabled him to be hired to one of the top companies called Hager Pacific Properties which he was able to provide exceptional services. Also, a lot of customers are situated in Southern California where he supervises commercial and industrial real estates. The firm has been able to achieve several properties worldwide. His daily activities at Hager Properties was to be in charge of organizing, controlling accounting and supporting operations. As a role model for people in the society enabled him to prosper in his daily life hence he became more known international, and

He has also been part of the charity work in the society hence enabled him to have more success. One of the charity work that he does is called ma’aserrishon and it’s a Jewish culture the major reason 0of the establishment was for the individual to donate 10 percent of the revenue. Also in the year 2002 they his wife and Adam were able to start Adam and Gila Foundation that. SifriyatPijama B’ is one of the organization that Gila is wife is in control and they deliver books that educate Jewish kids on their culture.

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Securus Technologies-The Bridge between Inmates and the World

Securus Technology has been in the top list of high tech providers. Despite the rise of prestigious designers, no one has been able to match the expertise of the Securus Technology. One of the contributing factors to the success is the duration it has been in business.

The competence of the company has landed it many deals. Major business entities have entrusted their private documents to Securus. These are documents that would lead to the downfall of a society in the hands of unauthorized individuals. The Companies says that with Securus Company, they are assured of safety and privacy.

The government also depends on Securus to protect their data. We have seen some countries fall apart as a result of the leaked information.

Apart from the prestigious company and the government, the inmates are other beneficiaries of the project. More than a million inmates depend on Securus Technologies.

Securus Technology has innovated numerous gadgets to improve the inmate’s life. On the list of the tools, are communication devices. These tools enhance communication between the convicts in jail and the outside world. It is worthwhile noting that they have the option to use audio and video calls.

What if you are far?

Some inmates have been in jail for multiple times. These have led or encouraged the development of a personal relationship with the officers. This relationship can lead to a lot of damage because it cripples the loyalty of the officers.

This is why some inmates have to be sent to detentions that are far from their residents. This helps in the reforming of the detainee.

This is not a worry. The Securus Technologies has come up with programs that allow the members to communicate with the inmates from their homes.

The users have praised this programs because they have helped them keep in touch with their special ones.

Securus Technology bridges the gap between the inmate and the world at all costs.


Prep Work is the Key to a Life Line Screening.

A Lifeline Screening is very important for many people. It can help catch conditions before they become serious problems. A Lifeline screening can also be a way to become a healthier person. The key for anyone that has a Lifeline Screening coming up is doing the proper prep work for the particular test involved. Here are a few tests an how to best prepare for them.

The first test is Lifeline Screening’s six for life package. Here is what to do to prep for it. The patient must fast for twelve hours in order to achieve accurate results of the test. Always check with your doctor to see if fasting for that long is possible. Another thing to do is to wear a short-sleeved shirt or a shirt with sleeves that are easy to roll up so the blood pressure cuffs can fit properly and resume their.

The second test is called an ankle-brachial index. This is also called peripheral arterial disease. He the preparation required for this particular test. First, the patient should wear a two-piece outfit mainly of loose clothing. Second, the patient should wear a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. Finally, the patient must not wear pantyhose and more information click here.

THe final test is called an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Here are some prep work tips. First, the patient should wear a two-piece outfit made of loose clothing. Secondly, the patient must fast for four hours prior to the test. The patient must also make sure that the meal eaten before the fasting begins is a very light one. Life Screening recommends less than half of what you normally eat. Also, make sure that it is not a gassy food. Thirdly, if your doctor has given you any medication, the patient should take it as directed. Finally, if the patient is a diabetic please follow the health care plan for the best results of the test and learn more about Life Line Screening.

These are just a few of the tests at Lifeline Screening and how to prepare for them. All of the procedures are non-invasive and painless. Doing solid prep work now can catch a condition before it is too late and

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George Soros Tackles Criminal Justice Reform at the Ankles

Throughout the history of progressive attempts at criminal justice reform in the United States, most of the efforts at changing the way in which the U.S. justice system works have focused on top-down efforts. Unfortunately, for those who believe in change, this has largely produced dismal failures. The system today continues to lock up minorities at rates far disproportionate to those incarceration rates seen in whites. Programs like the War on Drugs continue unabated, with private corporations raking in billions of dollars every year and millions of Americans being locked up and unable to either live productive lives or be part of their families. The only way to look at this track record is as a total and complete failure.

However, George Soros has recently decided to take a new course in the effort to reform America’s ossified criminal justice system. Rather than tackle the problem at the level of the helmet, where almost all other progressive attempts at reform have been easily blocked, Soros is now going for the ankles, attempting to totally destabilize the system from the ground level and contact him.

So far, the strategy looks extremely promising. Soros has had enormous success in getting progressive candidates elected to the position of judge, sheriff and district attorney all throughout the South and Western United States and what George knows.

One such campaign took place in Florida. In Orange County, home to Orlando, Aramis Ayala, a public defender with only a few years experience, was running against Jeff Ashton, a longtime incumbent and hardline law and order conservative who had racked up a shocking track record of disproportionately sending minorities to prison, oftentimes under extremely dubious circumstances and movie produced by George Soros.

Ayala, the first female African-American to ever run for a district attorney position in the state of Florida’s history, was looking at an extremely long, uphill battle. Her campaign suffered from almost no money, and she was not a well-known politician, making the likelihood of a victory against Ashton extremely slim. What’s more, Ayala had no expertise in running a campaign. She needed both money and strategic insight to help her have any chance to beat her long entrenched opponent and more information click here.

It was then that Soros stepped in, through one of his philanthropic organizations. Soros immediately provided over $1 million in campaign funding and an army of campaign staffers, some of whom had extensive experience working on national campaigns. They immediately began putting a game plan into effect, running 24/7 ads on the television, print media and on the internet. A few weeks into the campaign, it became clear through polling numbers that Ayala was gaining a serious leg up on her opponent.

The strategy worked. In a landslide, Ayala beat Ashton, representing a huge upset and a major victory for progressives.

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Omar Yunes Well-Known Entrepreneur and Businessman in Food Industry of Mexico

There are many famous restaurateurs in Mexico, but one of the most famous among them is Omar Yunes. Apart from the many awards he has won over the years, one of the most talked about is his recent accomplishment at the Best Franchise in the World Competition, held in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes won the competition by miles and surpassed hundreds of other competitors who participated from 34 countries.

He is the owner of 13 Sushi Itto restaurants in Mexico and has been successfully running them for past many years. The journey to the success of Omar Yunes started when he was just 21 years old as it is when he started his first Sushi Itto franchise. Omar was passionate about starting his own business, especially in the food industry for long and he ensured that his business venture sustains and succeeds and what Omar Yunes knows.

Over the years, his hard work, determination, and passion for food business helped him start and successfully run 13 Sushi Itto restaurants in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. Omar Yunes employs over 400 employees in his 13 Sushi Itto restaurants. When he won the Best Franchise in the World Competition, Omar Yunes gave the due credit to his employees for making it possible for him to win such a prestigious award and read full article.

Omar Yunes said that without his workforce of 400 employees that currently work for him, it would have been impossible to achieve the dream success he now enjoys. However, Omar Yunes winning the BFW competition didn’t come as a surprise to many people in the food industry, because the success of Omar Yunes and his restaurants in Mexico is well-known in the industry. He is very disciplined and organized in his personal life, and maintains the same principles in the business and all his outlets as well.

Omar Yunes has helped in making Sushi Itto one of the most successful fast food chains in Mexico and plans to open many more franchise units in the future. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, expressed his gratitude to Omar Yunes on his win at the BFW Competition and said it goes on to showcase the commitment of our brand and partners to provide the best to our customers and contact him.

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George Soros’ Social, Philanthropy and Political Work History

Leaders make no weak attempt at improving their companies, their projects and whatever they may be concentrating their lives on. Leaders follow a long array of tutorials and mentorships before they become the phenomenal leader that they are today and more information click here.

In the case of George Soros, this mentorship comes from various leaders that preceded him and that shaped his leadership style today. Ever since he founded the Open Society Foundations, he has proven that his leadership is more than just making companies better, but also improving the lives of many individuals, groups and businesses.

In the article from Politico, a report showed that George Soros’ dedication to improving the lives of many have surfaced in the form of support for Hillary Clinton, which he did by donating more than 25 million dollars for her candidacy and other causes. The Politico report filled him with praise by saying that George Soros is indeed rising again after dialing back his donations a few years ago.

This support came from George Soros’ dedication for the fight against the hostility that Hillary’s competition is conveying to the American politics and society. George is passionate about causes that advance the rights of immigrants, the advocacies for criminal justice reformations and the fight against religious intolerance in various sectors today and what George Soros knows.

Open Society Foundations The vision of George Soros is almost as diverse and long as an explorer’s serpentine path towards success. Being the Chairman and Founder of Open Society Foundations is a testament to that diversity and steadfastness. This desire to help many people and communities all over the world without the risk of intervention has made George Soros one of the most outstanding philanthropists today, with more than $12 billion of his money given away to various programs that further the changes in government, transparency, and freedom of expression.

Political and Social Work HistoryGeorge Soros is nothing, if not a person who wants so many reforms in the political and social structures of governments. He might be the man who can fight for the decentralization of the states that Nassim Taleb The Philosopher would like to fight to get rid of Admin People without Skin in The Game. George Soros might be the man who can follow the Philosophy of Karl Popper – which Nassim Taleb also highly respects – to find the right changes that fit into the solutions needed for different societies.

Indeed, for George Soros, a death blow to the community comes in the form of ignorance and disrespect of freedom of expression, and with his philanthropy work dating back in 1979, you know that he puts his money where his mouth is and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros’ philanthropy also saw a lot of progress in United States, Africa and different parts of Asia, where George furthered his advocacies.

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Talk Fusion: A year in a brief article.

This article will display information on the businesses Talk Fusion, and then describe it in general. It all started on August 15, 2016. On that date Talk Fusion, the home to the Video Market solution, received the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. It was from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This was the second award this company received in 2016.


The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is for amazing services and products. It eases video communications, data, and voice, that greatly improved in the last twelve months or came to the market. With the power of technology from WebRTC, Talk Fusion Video Chat lets its users to talk with anyone, anywhere, on any phone, tablet, or computer.


The award that was received shows the continuous power. The power is behind the revolutionary cross-communication platform since the full version of the platform went live in March of 2016.


Talk Fusion also had launched free trials, as well as a brand-new website. The website is called The free trials last thirty days. There is no credit card required to access it. This activity had all happened in less than one year. The excitement had gone to help the users of Talk Fusion users it has also impressed and reached more customers. The year 2016 had been promising in looking like the best year of Talk Fusion to date.


Now this article will explore background information about Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina the founder. A great commitment Talk Fusion has is giving back money to charities for animals, friends, family, and communities. Learn more:



This company has a dedication of assisting businesses to complete various tasks. These tasks are keeping customers coming back, helping businesses stand out from the competition, as well as increasing profits and sales. Talk Fusion gives out dynamic ways to have marketing become more persuasive, engaging, as well as memorable. The innovative products of Talk Fusion in over 140 countries are marketed. They are market by a person-to-person standpoint.



Eric Lefkofsky finds new medical applications for emerging technologies

One of the most exciting technological developments that have taken place over the last decade has been the emergence of artificial intelligence capable of carrying out many different types of tasks. One of the areas in which this technology has found good use is that in language recognition, translation and optical character recognition. Programs such as Google Translate today allow for almost anyone to read text in any language that they happen to encounter. Other technologies, such as optical character recognition, allow for computer systems to scan documents such as old books, government memos and other historically important documentation, allowing them to be published online within minutes and being, thereafter, forever available to the world.

But the many benefits of artificial intelligence based technology are not limited solely to used by international businessmen or historians. Eric Lefkofsky has founded an innovative tech startup called Tempus, which is using many artificial intelligence technologies to bring cutting edge data and analytic techniques to physicians and oncologists across the country. One of the ways in which Tempus is changing the ways that medical personnel operate is through the use of highly sophisticated optical character recognition technology that translates doctors’ notes into actionable data, instantaneously and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

The translation of doctors’ notes was previously a difficult problem for the medical community. It was often necessary to hire armies of outsourced employees in order to make sure that doctors’ notes, taken during and immediately after visits with patients, were presented in a way that the data could be entered into a systems-useable format, such as relational databases. This structuring of unstructured data has proven to be a particularly difficult problem, costing the medical community tens of millions of dollars each year. Artificial intelligence solutions promise to completely eliminate those costs and learn more about Eric.

Tempus’ optical character recognition technology has completely eliminated the need to outsource the translation of doctors notes into machine-readable format. It is capable of taking the unstructured data of the notes and structuring them into a robust database system that can immediately provide all the relevant data that a physician needs to make informed decisions about the course of treatment for their patient.

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