Guilherme Paulus on How to Seize Opportunities in Business

When it comes to business, vision, and seizing opportunities are some of the factors that determine success. Guilherme Paulus is one such individual who incorporated the two strategies to form a respected business. His entrepreneurial journey began in 1972 when he met a successful business professional, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Vicente, who also served as a government official, presented an idea to establish a tour and travel agency. Since he couldn’t do it by himself, Cerchiari shared the concept with Guilherme Paulus who had the logistics in mind. Paulus bought the idea and opened his first agency, CVC Brasil. The company was situated next to a movie theatre where almost 1,000 walked by daily.

The business picked up in no time. Paulus took charge of the leadership realms. Cerchiari left the company. At a tender age, Guilherme Paulus envisioned developing a small brand into the leading tour company in Brazil. Coupled with the drive and willingness to succeed, Paulus opened major CVC stores in all major cities not only in Brazil but other capitals too. He expanded to main towns and other countries. To develop the brand further, Guilherme Paulus sold a significant stake of the business to Carlyle Group. He traded it for $700 million. The proceeds were directed to the agency’s expansion in 2009. About Guilherme Paulus has since guided the company toward further expansion. In 2013, he led the firm toward operating as a public corporation.

The brand helped raise funds for extensive development once more. Paulus realized that the industry had room for expansion. He, therefore, delved into the sector of hotels. He also invested in resorts by establishing his GJP Hotels and Resorts. The brand developed into a 3-star, 4-star, in addition to a 5-star accommodation. Visitors could select their preference. Currently, the company has expanded into 14 locations. 3,000 rooms offer different job opportunities to over 3,000 individuals. Still devoted to seizing opportunities, Paulus ventured into the transport sector. He aspired to ease movement for clients. Therefore, he purchased Webjet. The airline had a single charter plane. He expanded it into the third largest airline industry in the country.

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