The Secrets to a Medical Venture with Dr. Dov Rand

In the Washington D.C. region is a doctor who has spend over 15 years building up his practice. He exhibits focus, determination, and natural curiosity on a near daily basis. Dr. Dov Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center has built his professional career around challenging the norms and seeking to give his patients the newest treatments in the industry. From his early days with tennis, to his schooling at Howard University and Howard University, Dr. Dov Rand has molded himself into the ideal 21st century doctor. In a recent online interview, he discusses how his personality shaped the career he has built.

These traits are essential for an entrepreneur to forge their path to success. In the office Dr. Dov Rand is applying the best techniques he knows for his patients, but outside of work he puts a heavy emphasis on studying. He reads many of the new books relating to his field, in addition to meeting up with his peers at conferences for sharing knowledge. The medical industry thrives on the sharing of ideas as the main means for advancing concepts to the next stage. He has found the studies about

Genetic markers to be particularly interesting, as it proves that someday a patient may be able to receive a completely individualized treatment. For Dr. Dov Rand, he only limit in medical science is one’s imagination.

The daily routine of Dr. Dov Rand is designed to keep himself well paced and avoid overworking himself. A typical day begins with a healthy breakfast. This is the cornerstone of good health, and it gives him the energy for the day. Once in the office, he shuffles around from patient to patent, giving them all of his attention during each encounter. By the time the evening rolls around, he is ready to unwind with a social media and a good book. A strong mind is essential to keeping fresh ideas flowing.

Dr. Dov has passion for helping patients, and has a curious mind to bring in new ideas are the main aspects keeping his business running. He is beloved by peers and patients alike across the industry.

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