Sergey Petrossov: JetSmarter’s Youngest CEO and Successful Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov serves as the Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter. As a renowned principal, Sergey is always finding manners to innovate different industries. His diligence and hard work spearheaded towards innovation placed him among the top 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology in Forbes. Besides, the Working Professional in South Florida recognized him as well. His exclusiveness and zeal for achievement in the industry stemmed from his previous exposure in numerous organizations. Before joining JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov was operational in co-founding a couple of IT projects, particularly an online chat system and a distance-learning site. Besides, Mr. Petrossov worked at a private jet operator situated in South Florida as a board advisor.

The idea of Sergey Petrossov developed during his first tenure that involved the flying of a private jet. While working, Mr. Sergey identified numerous challenges associated with the brick-and-mortar model for the booking of charter flights. During that period, mobile marketplaces were developing. Through that, Sergey speculated that these problems could be sorted out through the incorporation of technology leading to the founding of JetSmarter. Upon the identification of the idea, Sergey Petrossov gathered his developmental team the planning procedure commenced. After a series of planning, JetSmarter launched the beta-version in 2012 incorporating the element for select users.

Since its establishment, the organization has developed into a reputable company under the management of Sergey. Currently, JetSmarter bills itself a private jets Uber for 14,000 paid members. Usually, the members pay approximately $15,000 annually for perks which consist of the ability to schedule travel flights. In the latter, the payment permits the sharing of seats on jets, which are scheduled by other individuals. Given the diligence of the company, JetSmarter possesses exclusive investors including Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal family. Through the investments, the organization is worth $1.5 billion. Sergey Petrossov is thus an ideal successful young entrepreneur.