“Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Capital Corp. Talks About Signs of Burnout “

Burnout is very common these days. High level of stress at work, as well as issues in personal life, could trigger burnout. Statistics show that 23 percent of full-time employees feel burned out at work while 44 percent reported that they feel burned out sometimes.

Every year, career burnout accounts for approximately $125 billion to $190 billion of healthcare spending. It has been also linked to several illnesses like coronary heart disease, type diabetes, high cholesterol, and gastrointestinal problems.

Studies reveal that employee burnout is due to unreasonable deadlines, lack of support from superiors, and unfair treatment at work to name a few. That is why it is important to take the necessary action when an employee manifests signs of burnout. Here are some effective ways on how to help employees showing signs of burnout according to Paul Saunders.

Loss of Control

According to Paul Sander of James River Capital Corporation, one significant characteristic of a burned out an employee is losing control of certain aspects like time management and scheduling. Sanders said that it is crucial that companies have flexible policies. Structures that are not flexible could make the employee feel trapped.

Also, encourage team members to have at least 10 to 15 minutes break period every morning. This way, they can plan for their activities for the day such as the tasks they want to finish and the goals they want to accomplish. By doing this, employees can have a sense of control of their day at the office.

Lack of Support and Transparency

According to a study, one of the major causes of job burnout is due to lack of support. Negative emotions in the workplace could eventually lead to burnout. This could be triggered if employees feel they are discounted for a promotion, not properly compensated for their efforts, or not hearing the real story from the upper management.

To avoid this, managers and supervisors should always be honest with the employees especially when discussing decisions. It will also help if the management gives employees reasonable explanations. Workshops and other activities can help employees cope and curve burnout.

Change in Attitude

The emotions of a stressed employee are often difficult to control. For them, it is easier to get upset even with the simplest things. Burnout plays a major role in moodiness, lack of motivation, and negativity among employees. To avoid this, managers and supervisors should talk to employees and show support. Encouraging employees to disconnect from work outside office hours or suggesting getting a new hobby could help them curb burnout.

Who is Paul Saunders?

Paul Saunders is the principal and founder of James River Capital Corporation. He also served as the chief executive officer and chairman of James River Financial Corporation and James River Corporation. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/

Agera Energy: Powering Your World with Renewable Energy

Agera Energy is utility provider started in 2014 specializing in natural gas and electricity. It has currently served 50 states across the United States of America. This reflects a total number of over 1.8M customers. Agera Energy seeks to empower and educate the customers to make effective decisions in terms of energy. It has claimed its position as one of the major power providers in the USA.

Agera energy is prominent among business and homeowners due to its ease in creating accounts with them and beginning the power utilization. Its customer-friendly and committed to seek and attend to customer needs. They also offer reasonable rate prices for their customers making them the right choice.

One of the big projects that Agera Energy is working on is the partnership with the Lexington Community Choice Program. The program automatically enrolls all Eversource Basic Service customers and seeks to provide 100% renewable energy in New England. Agera Energy then becomes the sole electricity supplier. However, customer service and relations are provided and maintained by Eversource. Agera Energy has also been on an 18-month contract with the City of Cambridge. It was supposed to cater for supplying the electricity supply for the city residents under the Eversource plan. To know more about the company click here.

Agera Energy has successfully been able to provide cost-cutting energy plans in all the projects it has undertaken. Green energy is also an important measure in preserving the environment. Its advisable for other communities to adopt renewable energy to reduce cost and maintain a safer environment to live in.

The Secrets to a Medical Venture with Dr. Dov Rand

In the Washington D.C. region is a doctor who has spend over 15 years building up his practice. He exhibits focus, determination, and natural curiosity on a near daily basis. Dr. Dov Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center has built his professional career around challenging the norms and seeking to give his patients the newest treatments in the industry. From his early days with tennis, to his schooling at Howard University and Howard University, Dr. Dov Rand has molded himself into the ideal 21st century doctor. In a recent online interview, he discusses how his personality shaped the career he has built.

These traits are essential for an entrepreneur to forge their path to success. In the office Dr. Dov Rand is applying the best techniques he knows for his patients, but outside of work he puts a heavy emphasis on studying. He reads many of the new books relating to his field, in addition to meeting up with his peers at conferences for sharing knowledge. The medical industry thrives on the sharing of ideas as the main means for advancing concepts to the next stage. He has found the studies about

Genetic markers to be particularly interesting, as it proves that someday a patient may be able to receive a completely individualized treatment. For Dr. Dov Rand, he only limit in medical science is one’s imagination.

The daily routine of Dr. Dov Rand is designed to keep himself well paced and avoid overworking himself. A typical day begins with a healthy breakfast. This is the cornerstone of good health, and it gives him the energy for the day. Once in the office, he shuffles around from patient to patent, giving them all of his attention during each encounter. By the time the evening rolls around, he is ready to unwind with a social media and a good book. A strong mind is essential to keeping fresh ideas flowing.

Dr. Dov has passion for helping patients, and has a curious mind to bring in new ideas are the main aspects keeping his business running. He is beloved by peers and patients alike across the industry.

Available information on Dr. Rand´s Twitter https://twitter.com/dr_johanan_rand

Sergey Petrossov: JetSmarter’s Youngest CEO and Successful Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov serves as the Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter. As a renowned principal, Sergey is always finding manners to innovate different industries. His diligence and hard work spearheaded towards innovation placed him among the top 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology in Forbes. Besides, the Working Professional in South Florida recognized him as well. His exclusiveness and zeal for achievement in the industry stemmed from his previous exposure in numerous organizations. Before joining JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov was operational in co-founding a couple of IT projects, particularly an online chat system and a distance-learning site. Besides, Mr. Petrossov worked at a private jet operator situated in South Florida as a board advisor.

The idea of Sergey Petrossov developed during his first tenure that involved the flying of a private jet. While working, Mr. Sergey identified numerous challenges associated with the brick-and-mortar model for the booking of charter flights. During that period, mobile marketplaces were developing. Through that, Sergey speculated that these problems could be sorted out through the incorporation of technology leading to the founding of JetSmarter. Upon the identification of the idea, Sergey Petrossov gathered his developmental team the planning procedure commenced. After a series of planning, JetSmarter launched the beta-version in 2012 incorporating the element for select users.

Since its establishment, the organization has developed into a reputable company under the management of Sergey. Currently, JetSmarter bills itself a private jets Uber for 14,000 paid members. Usually, the members pay approximately $15,000 annually for perks which consist of the ability to schedule travel flights. In the latter, the payment permits the sharing of seats on jets, which are scheduled by other individuals. Given the diligence of the company, JetSmarter possesses exclusive investors including Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal family. Through the investments, the organization is worth $1.5 billion. Sergey Petrossov is thus an ideal successful young entrepreneur.

Paul Mampilly anticipates a better business atmosphere in 2019

Paul Mampilly settled in the United States from his native country India when he was 18 years old to seek higher education. After education, Mampilly decided to make the United States his permanent residence and started his financial career there. Having worked at Wall Street for over two decades, his expertise in coming up with strategies that result in successful investment has grown tremendously. Among the positions that he has held at Wall Street include senior portfolio Manager, money Manager and senior research analyst to name but a few. At the beginning of 2019, Paul shared various predictions with his over 200,000 subscribers and fellow investors of how the market would behave in 2019 through his Banyan Hill Publishing company publications and articles in the Winning investor daily. The company publishes Profit Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, The $10 Million Portfolio, and True Momentum investment advisory newsletters.

According to Paul Mampilly, many companies will have access to Big Data because of the dynamic change in technology. Currently, only those with huge budgets have access, but the trend will change and eventually ease the burden of doing business. The other issue is the stabilizing of home appreciation rates. He explains that in the previous years, appreciating rate was high making the owners resell them quickly. The rate would stabilize down to around 1.5 percent from between 5 to 7 percent meaning the owners will settle and focus on development a good move for business.

Additionally, Paul Mampilly predicts that businesses will adapt to the needs of the consumers because modern technology is pushing the companies to change with the customers’ interests. The move will stabilize businesses because more products will join the market. He also notes that the political environment will be conducive for businesses. Besides, many online customer reviews would intensify in 2019 because more customers are doing online research before purchasing any product. Paul Mampilly adds that growing consumer confidence in the investment sector would attract more long time investors as the year progresses. Paul Mampilly points out that the emergence of advanced edge computing, as Artificial Intelligence would propel the IoT, Internet of Things. In that case, more product designs will be available in the market in 2019. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

Learn more about Paul