Why Agera Energy Is Such An Important Company That’s Growing In The US

The 21st century has brought many disruptions to strangleholds that big corporations have had on various industries such as retail, telecom and pharmaceuticals, so why shouldn’t energy also be shaken up? That’s what Agera Energy is in the process of doing as a growing retail energy provider in various states. For a long time, many energy companies have charged rates that had to fall in line with a state commission and often have charged customers in ways that don’t go in line with how they consume it in their home or business. So that’s why Agera Energy is here now to better help customers with best energy choices.

Agera Energy was founded in 2014 not long after one of the most difficult winter seasons to hit the US occurred. Founder and former CEO Steve Laker believed there was a better way to distribute power to homes and businesses without wiping them out financially, and so he and a team of other renowned energy experts began their new energy retailer. They started by buying out companies like Lumens, Aequitas, and energy.me and continued growth from there. What they’ve really sought to do is change the best customer experience for enrolling in their services.

Customers who signup for an Agera Energy plan can pretty much have it done right on their computer or smartphone and be done in less than 10 minutes. Not only is the company transparent about what they’re charging and offer fairly flexible contracts, but they even have cut back on fossil fuels and tailored plans for consumers who want to go green. For those who have experience in customer relations management and want to be a part of an innovative company, you can check the careers page for Agera Energy website to see if you would fit in with their friendly team.