Robert Deignan: Striving to Help Others Manifest Business Success

Many of Robert Deignan’s peers within the IT industry recognize him as being one of the most ingenious, self-motivated, and inspiring individuals in the field. According to those who know him, Robert Deignan manifested the ability to start his own business simply because he worked hard, remained persistent in the pursuit of his passions, and believed enough in himself to not have to rely on the approval of others. In so saying, just like any other individual who possesses a natural tendency to do something, Robert Deignan didn’t achieve success because it was handed to him, but because he possessed the self-discipline and drive to remain dedicated to the things he cared about most in life—business and football.

From 1992 to 1995, Robert Deignan attended Purdue University as a business student whereby he graduated with his Business Management degree to only follow that achievement shortly thereafter with a brief professional career in the NFL between 1997 and 1998. However, after playing football for the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets, Robert Deignan made the pivotal lifestyle decision to pursue entrepreneurship. In August 2011, Robert Deignan debuted ATS Digital Services—a customer service tech repair company that turned out to be Deignan’s most successful business project to date. Prior to launching ATS Digital, Deignan had incorporated his business skills within both the development of Fanlink, Inc. and iS3 where he oversaw the operations of the business as Executive Vice President. However, neither business came to acquire the substantial amount of global notoriety as ATS Digital Services did for its convenience and time-efficient technical resolutions.

Moreover, in efforts to assist those who either desire to become successful business professionals or who are just looking for ways to maintain the longevity of their business, Robert Deignan advises them to first start out by developing a practice to trust their gut instinct when making business decisions. Next, Deignan advises everyone to obtain data on all business aspects concerning one’s specialty of service. Nonetheless, Deignan also mentions that all aspiring business professionals should only choose to employ those individuals who are most pertinent to the needs of the company and to disregard those who are in close kinship with the overseer of the company to avoid business management complications. In addition to this, Robert Deignan states that the most crucial element to maintaining the success of a business is to permit oneself the daily opportunity to collect one’s thoughts by indulging in personal/work-free time.

James River Capital CEO Paul Sanders on Handling Employee Burnout

Paul Sanders is founder and CEO of James River Capital, an alternative investment firm in Richmond, Virginia that manages over $570 million. Having led James River since 1995, Sanders has years of experience helping employees cope with work stress. The pressure of today’s workplace coupled with the stress of person lives puts employees at risk of burnout. He recently provided advice for managers and supervisors on recognizing and dealing with the four signs of employee burnout.

Loss of Control

Employees who lose their sense of control over their time can start to feel the hopelessness that precedes burnout. Flexible policies can help prevent the sense of being trapped that comes with a loss of control. Fortunately, workers can be helped to regain their sense of control. Managers can assist employees in regaining their sense of control by encouraging employees to start their day by writing down their goals for the day.

Lack of Transparency

Many things could make an employee believe there’s a lack of transparency in the workplace. Examples are being overlooked for a promotion, feeling undervalued as a worker, or having the sense that management is hiding something. An absence of transparency can cause negative feelings that lead to burnout. The solution for a lack of transparency for managers to keep communication open with employees and to provide the reasons behind decisions.

Lack of Confidence

Another sign of burnout is experiencing a lack of confidence in the ability to do the job. Supervisors can address a lack of confidence by helping the employee create small, attainable goals. Accomplishing goals should restore the employee’s confidence.

Overall Change in Attitude

A team member who becomes easily upset or angered is showing another symptom of burnout. Managers should encourage workers to relax outside of work and to completely disconnect from work during nonwork hours. In addition, supervisors should speak with the employee to find out if they can support the employee in some way.

Burnout has become widespread. Managers have a vested interest in the well-being of their employees and should do whatever they can to ensure the success of their workers. Learn more:

A Big Financial and Stable Move at Nexbank

Nexbank is a local financial servicing form that is located in Dallas, Texas. Nexbank was founded in 1934 and has three locations located in the greater Dallas area. the company has had quite the track record over the years and currently has assets that are worth over eight billion dollars.

Nexbank has also been recognized nationally as a steady bank with a firm and solid reputation. In the last few years, Nexbank has won awards like the 2016 award from the S and P Global Market Intelligence where it was one of the best Community Banks with assets ranging from one to ten billion dollars. It was ranked the fifth best Pretax ROE bank and placed tenth as the best performing bank of 2016. There are impressive accolades indeed. Now Nexbank is moving forward with the completion of a fifty-four million dollar subordinate debt offering.

The news was provided by Nexbank itself and is published on Nexbank Capital has just completed a successful plan to shift fifty-four million dollars worth of fixed to floating rate subordinated notes. The notes will go to certain high net worth and institutional investors in the company. The deal closed on September 19, 2017. This helps the company by having almost three hundred million dollars in debt and equity for the company’s future.

To be more specific on this particular move the notes are not callable for five years and the notes mature on September 30, 2027. The notes in question are fixed for the first five years of maturity and then become floating rate notes depending on the spread of the three month LIBOR rate which currently stands at 458.5 basis points. The notes have been given a rating of a BBB- and have a stable outlook for the future. This is according the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

With that Nexbank is making sure to be one of the most stable banks not only in Dallas but the country at large. This is a bank that will continue to grow for many years to come and have a solid base for new growth potential.