Journey Path of Adam Milstein Philanthropist Work

Adam Milstein is one of the respected people in the world due to the exceptional services that he provides. Furthermore, he made lot cash because of the investment in the real estate sector. In the United States a lot of people are being helped by Adam Milstein because he is an Israel-American hence he helps his community who resides their hence he acknowledges all over the world. Born and raised in Israel enabled him to among the IDF troop in the Tom Kippur War in the year 1973. He respects and follows the cultural ways of the Israel society. In the year 1981, he was able to relocate with his wife in the United States so that they can have good economic probabilities. He was able to attend the University of Israel and got a degree in business and economic and got an MBA from Southern California these enabled him to become a prosperous businessman, and his Website.


As a sales agent when Adam Milstein started in the real estate industry it enabled him to be known due to the hard work that he put through these enabled him to be hired to one of the top companies called Hager Pacific Properties which he was able to provide exceptional services. Also, a lot of customers are situated in Southern California where he supervises commercial and industrial real estates. The firm has been able to achieve several properties worldwide. His daily activities at Hager Properties was to be in charge of organizing, controlling accounting and supporting operations. As a role model for people in the society enabled him to prosper in his daily life hence he became more known international, and

He has also been part of the charity work in the society hence enabled him to have more success. One of the charity work that he does is called ma’aserrishon and it’s a Jewish culture the major reason 0of the establishment was for the individual to donate 10 percent of the revenue. Also in the year 2002 they his wife and Adam were able to start Adam and Gila Foundation that. SifriyatPijama B’ is one of the organization that Gila is wife is in control and they deliver books that educate Jewish kids on their culture.

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