George Soros Tackles Criminal Justice Reform at the Ankles

Throughout the history of progressive attempts at criminal justice reform in the United States, most of the efforts at changing the way in which the U.S. justice system works have focused on top-down efforts. Unfortunately, for those who believe in change, this has largely produced dismal failures. The system today continues to lock up minorities at rates far disproportionate to those incarceration rates seen in whites. Programs like the War on Drugs continue unabated, with private corporations raking in billions of dollars every year and millions of Americans being locked up and unable to either live productive lives or be part of their families. The only way to look at this track record is as a total and complete failure.

However, George Soros has recently decided to take a new course in the effort to reform America’s ossified criminal justice system. Rather than tackle the problem at the level of the helmet, where almost all other progressive attempts at reform have been easily blocked, Soros is now going for the ankles, attempting to totally destabilize the system from the ground level and contact him.

So far, the strategy looks extremely promising. Soros has had enormous success in getting progressive candidates elected to the position of judge, sheriff and district attorney all throughout the South and Western United States and what George knows.

One such campaign took place in Florida. In Orange County, home to Orlando, Aramis Ayala, a public defender with only a few years experience, was running against Jeff Ashton, a longtime incumbent and hardline law and order conservative who had racked up a shocking track record of disproportionately sending minorities to prison, oftentimes under extremely dubious circumstances and movie produced by George Soros.

Ayala, the first female African-American to ever run for a district attorney position in the state of Florida’s history, was looking at an extremely long, uphill battle. Her campaign suffered from almost no money, and she was not a well-known politician, making the likelihood of a victory against Ashton extremely slim. What’s more, Ayala had no expertise in running a campaign. She needed both money and strategic insight to help her have any chance to beat her long entrenched opponent and more information click here.

It was then that Soros stepped in, through one of his philanthropic organizations. Soros immediately provided over $1 million in campaign funding and an army of campaign staffers, some of whom had extensive experience working on national campaigns. They immediately began putting a game plan into effect, running 24/7 ads on the television, print media and on the internet. A few weeks into the campaign, it became clear through polling numbers that Ayala was gaining a serious leg up on her opponent.

The strategy worked. In a landslide, Ayala beat Ashton, representing a huge upset and a major victory for progressives.

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