George Soros’ Social, Philanthropy and Political Work History

Leaders make no weak attempt at improving their companies, their projects and whatever they may be concentrating their lives on. Leaders follow a long array of tutorials and mentorships before they become the phenomenal leader that they are today and more information click here.

In the case of George Soros, this mentorship comes from various leaders that preceded him and that shaped his leadership style today. Ever since he founded the Open Society Foundations, he has proven that his leadership is more than just making companies better, but also improving the lives of many individuals, groups and businesses.

In the article from Politico, a report showed that George Soros’ dedication to improving the lives of many have surfaced in the form of support for Hillary Clinton, which he did by donating more than 25 million dollars for her candidacy and other causes. The Politico report filled him with praise by saying that George Soros is indeed rising again after dialing back his donations a few years ago.

This support came from George Soros’ dedication for the fight against the hostility that Hillary’s competition is conveying to the American politics and society. George is passionate about causes that advance the rights of immigrants, the advocacies for criminal justice reformations and the fight against religious intolerance in various sectors today and what George Soros knows.

Open Society Foundations The vision of George Soros is almost as diverse and long as an explorer’s serpentine path towards success. Being the Chairman and Founder of Open Society Foundations is a testament to that diversity and steadfastness. This desire to help many people and communities all over the world without the risk of intervention has made George Soros one of the most outstanding philanthropists today, with more than $12 billion of his money given away to various programs that further the changes in government, transparency, and freedom of expression.

Political and Social Work HistoryGeorge Soros is nothing, if not a person who wants so many reforms in the political and social structures of governments. He might be the man who can fight for the decentralization of the states that Nassim Taleb The Philosopher would like to fight to get rid of Admin People without Skin in The Game. George Soros might be the man who can follow the Philosophy of Karl Popper – which Nassim Taleb also highly respects – to find the right changes that fit into the solutions needed for different societies.

Indeed, for George Soros, a death blow to the community comes in the form of ignorance and disrespect of freedom of expression, and with his philanthropy work dating back in 1979, you know that he puts his money where his mouth is and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros’ philanthropy also saw a lot of progress in United States, Africa and different parts of Asia, where George furthered his advocacies.

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