Talk Fusion: A year in a brief article.

This article will display information on the businesses Talk Fusion, and then describe it in general. It all started on August 15, 2016. On that date Talk Fusion, the home to the Video Market solution, received the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. It was from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This was the second award this company received in 2016.


The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is for amazing services and products. It eases video communications, data, and voice, that greatly improved in the last twelve months or came to the market. With the power of technology from WebRTC, Talk Fusion Video Chat lets its users to talk with anyone, anywhere, on any phone, tablet, or computer.


The award that was received shows the continuous power. The power is behind the revolutionary cross-communication platform since the full version of the platform went live in March of 2016.


Talk Fusion also had launched free trials, as well as a brand-new website. The website is called The free trials last thirty days. There is no credit card required to access it. This activity had all happened in less than one year. The excitement had gone to help the users of Talk Fusion users it has also impressed and reached more customers. The year 2016 had been promising in looking like the best year of Talk Fusion to date.


Now this article will explore background information about Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina the founder. A great commitment Talk Fusion has is giving back money to charities for animals, friends, family, and communities. Learn more:



This company has a dedication of assisting businesses to complete various tasks. These tasks are keeping customers coming back, helping businesses stand out from the competition, as well as increasing profits and sales. Talk Fusion gives out dynamic ways to have marketing become more persuasive, engaging, as well as memorable. The innovative products of Talk Fusion in over 140 countries are marketed. They are market by a person-to-person standpoint.