Dallas Loves James Dondero

The city of Dallas wouldn’t be as prosperous as it is today without the help of businessman and philanthropist, James Dondero. James keeps himself rather busy with the everyday business of his alternative investment firm, Highland Capital Management. Nevertheless, James always finds time to give back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Before he could provide for his city, however, James had to educate himself in the ways of finance. Read this article at barrons.com. His journey began at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce where he achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in both accounting and finance. James moved on to work with JP Morgan Chase & Co after graduation and worked on a financial training program for them that went over so well it landed him a job with American Express. Between the years of 1985 and 1989, James Dondero would be responsible for managing over $1 billion in fixed income funds for American Express. Once word traveled through the industry that James was one of the leading alternative credit managers around, Protective Life offered him the position of Chief Investment Officer for their GIC Subsidiary, in 1989. It wouldn’t be until 1993 that James would co-found and step into the role of President of Highland Capital Management; Read more about James at Crunchbase. This would be the time that James could dive into his charitable efforts. Through his years in the industry, James did not only rub shoulders with his business peers, but he also got to know a large chunk of the philanthropic community as well. It is because of his passion for giving back that James Dondero sets aside $3 million in the company budget every year so that they can continue to support local initiatives. A few examples of the way that James and his team at Highland Capital Management like to give back are any initiatives that assist the growth of education and health care in the community. The Family Place, a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence, often receives donations from James Dondero and his firm. The housing is close to medical assistance and offers a 24-hour hotline for those that need to reach out.

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The Journey of Career Growth of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly was born and brought up in the year 1933 from a very tiny village in India, and that was a time when that country was very poor with many people dying of hunger. They were looking for help from other countries, but Paul remained strong. His first tragedy was when his mother died when he was only 3. That was a great encounter with hunger, poverty, and lack of proper upbringing. His father followed the mother when he was only 20, and thus he officially became a full orphan. His journey has been through tragedies and has worked towards making his life better. He had no one to take care of him and struggled to join college. His father used to work in Bombay, but still, they struggled together with other siblings.

After completing college in 1974, he applied for a job in Dubai when it was so small. Very few people knew about it, but he had no alternative. The city had just found oil, and thus they had great prospects of which they could take a lot of time. The city was able to grow within a very short time. Paul Mampilly decided to follow the steps of his dad and risked to work everywhere as far as there were prospects. He says his dad was and remains his mentor to date.

Paul Mampilly started to develop interests in the financial markets, and his journey has been a journey of great favor. Currently, he has 25 years on the industry of hedge fund manager and has had a great opportunity of serving the world’s best companies across the entire globe. He has become so optimistic about achieving in his career and has always been very passionate about success.

Paul Mampilly started his career at Wall Street in the year 1991. He worked as a research assistant at the famous Deutsche Bank. He later got a chance to work with NIG and Bankers Trust at very senior positions and has been very instrumental in helping them make a lot of returns. He used to manage multi-million dollar accounts by then, and this became a significant boost to his career.

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Organo Gold – The Healthy Coffee

For many of us, drinking a cup of coffee has become a morning ritual. On a recent online article published on April 5, 2018, Organo Gold and The Power of Coffee, posted by Gemma Cottrell in the News Version website gives us a brief history of coffee and coffee products offered by Organo Gold.

There are various stories and myths about the origin of coffee. History shows that the Arabian Peninsula during the 15th century was the first to cultivate and trade coffee. About 100 years later it reached Egypt, Persia, Syria, and Turkey. It did not reach Europe until the 17th century where it became popular and influenced our modern-day coffee shops. View Organo Gold’s profile on Amazon.com.

Organo Gold, a global lifestyle company and known for their premium beneficial products. Their global marketing distribution platform brings their premium products at your doorsteps on an international level. Their premium Coffee products consist of Organo Black, Organo Café Latte, Gourmet Café Mocha, and Gourmet Café Supreme. Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.com.

The most popular is Organo Gold Black coffee with no added sugar and cream with organic Ganoderma mushroom. Organo Café Latte has organic Ganoderma gives consumers a sweeter version with only 90 calories. Gourmet Café Mocha has organic Ganoderma gives consumers a mocha taste combined with a rich chocolate flavor. Their Gourmet Café Supreme has organic Ganoderma Lucidum, Ginseng, and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. All Organo products are premium products because it is infused with organic Ganoderma Lucidum, the oldest known Chinese herb with natural medicinal components.

Coffee has influenced cultures worldwide and to pay homage to this beverage, September 29th was chosen as International Coffee Day. As we grow older, we rely on a cup of coffee to give us the energy to start our day. Organo Gold has made drinking our daily coffee more enjoyable with their great tasting premium coffee and beneficial for our health.

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Physiatry, the science of physical medicine and rehabilitation, is a practice that is garnering increased interest in medical circles all over the world. The benefits of this approach cannot be understated. One such professional whom is using this approach to change lives is Dr. Dov Rand.


Dr. Dov Rand, founder and medical director of healthy aging medical centers studied at the renowned Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. And has since used his art to provide solutions for his clients suffering from aging related complications including but not limited to;


  1. Insomnia
  2. Depression
  3. Low libido and erectile dysfunction.
  4. Weight complications.
  5. Mood swings.


Dr. Dov Rand whose focus is on promoting healthy aging uses a method of operation he calls “high touch” programmatic delivery model. This he says uses an integrative approach to treat a variety of body systems and stems entirely from peer-reviewed research studies. This, of course, ensures that Dr. Dov Rand’s practice is grounded only in scientific fact.


A particularly game-changing approach that Dr. Dov Rand employs is his use of bio-identical hormones to counter the effects of aging as opposed to conventional synthetic hormones. The advantage of bio-identical hormones is that they are identical to hormones already in the patient’s body. What this means is that they are not dangerous in the long term to a patient.


Beneficiaries of this treatment method have shown increased vitality, an increase in stamina, reduced cases of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels. Just to mention but a few of the benefits this approach generates.


How To Enjoy The TeenSafe App

How Can The TeenSafe App Protect Your Teen


As a parent, you may feel entitled to monitor your teens cellphone use because you pay the bill each month, right? The truth is, it’s your responsibility to monitor your child’s social media activity to keep them safe. The age requirement for most social media websites is age thirteen (set by United States internet standards), but your child is also sharing a social media platform with adults and could find themselves unwittingly in trouble on the internet. The TeenSafe app is available to parents worldwide and plays discreetly, in the background of your child’s phone.


Why Is The TeenSafe App A Preferred Network


You can use the teen app to prevent harassment, cyber-bullying, sexting, teen suicide, and more on the internet by monitoring your child’s cellphone use with the TeenSafe app. Unfortunately, many popular websites ask for your real name, but many tech savvy kids are able to create a fake account and find themselves in trouble online. TeenSafe is committed to helping your child make great decisions about interacting on social media. Their smart technology recently made international news in the popular online Guardian technology magazine. Keep your teen safe online with the TeenSafe app today.


What Users Are Saying About The TeenSafe App


If you’re locked out of your child’s social media accounts, you can turn to the TeenSafe app for additional support. Many parents have said; it’s an easy to download app that allows them to monitor their child’s social media activity without feeling guilty. The online TeenSafe blog suggests, never substituting a talk with your child about online safety for an app. You’re invited to go online and learn more about the TeenSafe app and how they’re committed to keeping your teen safe online.



Marathon Pharmaceuticals Handles the Diseases that Most Pharmaceutical Companies Overlook

There are tons of pharmaceutical companies that are geared to help people that have various problems. In most cases people know of pharmaceutical companies because they have drugs created for common problems that exist like cancer and depression. There are an assortment of different products that are designed to help those that are battling problems that are rather common. It is rare, however, for a company to be known for treating rare diseases.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals is the company that has made it possible for more people to get medicine even if they have no treatment options. That may be the thing that makes this company stand out. It has been designed with the purpose of getting new medicines in place that can help in the treatment of movement disorders. These are the rare disorders that often occur with the neurological system. People that have things like inflammatory myopathies, and idiopathic arthritis are all able to benefit from the type of drugs that have been created by Marathon Pharmaceuticals.


The CEO, Babar Ghias is the young CEO from Credit Suisee that has also worked for the Investment Banking Group. He became the CEO in 2015, and he has continued to work for those patients with rare diseases. The very nature of Marathon Pharmaceuticals is experimental. Babar is in control of corporate development and creating relationships with financial investors. This is often the most important part of the business of experimental drugs. Without investors in place it becomes impossible to engage in experimental testing so the financial investors are very important to the overall equation for Marathon Pharmaceuticals. Without these investors it becomes rather difficult to launch new drugs.


The headquarters for this biopharmaceutical company is located in Illinois. It is a company that has managed to branch out into other areas like New Jersey as more employees come on board. There is also an office in Washington, D.C. as well. This company has managed to help for some people that don’t have any other means to treatment. This makes Marathon a very important company for those that have these rare ailments.


Perry Mandera Changes Lives By Giving Back To His Community

Perry Mandera’s strong commitment to others led to the founding of Custom Care Charities. He is passionate about sports and dedicated to his family. He graduated from high school in Chicago in 1975, then joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He learned to drive a truck during his assignment to the motor pool. He was honorably discharged and returned to civilian life. His work for several transportation companies led to his establishing a business which he sold later on. His political interest led to his service to the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago. The Custom Companies was established in 1986 and serves Fortune 100 corporations and small family businesses. Several hundred people are employed by his company.


Perry Mandera offers a full range of logistic products and services including International and Domestic Air Freight Forwarding services, LTL and Truckload services, Dedicated and Local Cartage services and various services and products for logistics. The Illinois Transportation Association named Perry Mandela one of the Millennium’s Top 100 American Transportation Executives. He is a community leader, has donated his financial resources and energy to numerous charities and focuses on the youths, children and veterans. Perry Mandera is honored to provide relief for national disasters, help families through the holidays and assist in taking care of the children.


Perry Mandera founded his company because he believed in the importance doing what is right and giving something back to the community. His commitment encompasses the adage of pay it forward. This is the reason support is provided by Custom Cares Charities to so many people, organizations and charities. More than 100 sports teams for kids in Illinois owe their sponsorship to Perry Mandera. He supports financial educations for children, young adults, the underprivileged, the abused and the disadvantaged. He believes veterans deserve help in every possible way and coaches numerous sports teams for the youths. He is passionate about boxing and gives his support to the managed boxing competitors including Donnell “Doc” Nickelson. Perry Madera became a husband in 1989. He has two lovely children, is involved with youth sports, his community, the schools and the church.



Jeffrey Aronin Mixes Healthcare Innovation, Business Acumen, and Philanthropy

Inspired by patients needing care for rare diseases, Jeffrey Aronin founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. Jeffrey Aronin got his higher educational start with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University before he moved on to earn an MBA from DePaul University. Buoyed by this business background, Jeffrey Aronin went on to start Ovation in an effort to treat patients with difficult to treat medical conditions.


By focusing solely on patients with lesser-known conditions and the drugs that need to be developed to treat these conditions, Ovation has differentiated itself from its competitors in the pharmaceutical and biotech market sectors. Since its inception, Ovation and Jeffrey Aronin have worked to research, develop, and implement new drugs created to help people with unmet medical conditions.


In 2009, Danish healthcare company Lundbeck purchased Ovation for $900 million. Lundbeck was so impressed with Jeffery Aronin that they kept him on as the company’s CEO, where he remains today guiding Ovation to the same success it has always had.


As a supporter and investor in Paragon Sciences, Jeffrey Aronin has continued to assert his commitment to innovation in the biotech industry. Paragon has helped build well-respected medical companies including Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, both focused on developing treatments for rare medical conditions. Because of Jeffrey Aronin’s past experience and success in both healthcare and business, he is a trusted adviser in the biotech industry.


In addition to his involvement in the biotech industry, Jeffrey Aronin uses his influence to serve his community. Serving on the board of directors of both World Business Chicago and Discover Financial Services, he is able to use his expertise and educational background to give back to the city of Chicago. The Aronin Family Foundation supports a variety of clinics and hospitals around the Chicago metropolitan area and the world by advocating for patients and their lesser-known health conditions. Jeffrey Aronin’s brainchild foundation, MATTER, brings together a myriad of organizations working to promote quality healthcare all over the globe.



Lee May, Real Estate Professional Turned Philanthropist, Is A Man Of Many Layers

Real estate, a ruthless industry to the core, is a domain in which Lee May thrives. Armed with over 25 years of industry experience, Lee May is wholly familiar with the intricate, capricious, and demanding nature of real estate. Given his intimate knowledge of the market, May excels in his trade, closing deals, cementing agreements, and pursuing all-new ventures with great panache and ease. As a leading developer in the South East London area, May assumes a fundamental role in operations. Fortunately, May employs his innate skills to deliver nothing less than groundbreaking triumphs.


One of Lee May’s more recent real estate successes included the development of an astounding 1,000 units and nearly 630 apartments in East London and Essex. While the endeavors he’s pursued in London no doubt bespeak his eminence, the most rewarding phase of May’s illustrious career transpired abroad. While agreeing on a deal in Hong Kong, for instance, May settled on a project worth millions of dollars. This arrangement marked one of the most lucrative junctures of May’s career. Having found success in international affairs, May continued to pursue business opportunities outside of London.


Venturing where he’d never gone before, May tried his hand at developing commercial property in Canada. More specifically, May had his sights on developing a mall. In true Lee May fashion, May attained his goal, became the head of operations, and delivered on his promises. It’s safe to say that much of what May touches turns to gold. In fact, something that May often touches is the hearts of many. Reason being, May frequently places himself in the vanguard of charitable developments.


His involvement in the lives of young athletes is particularly commendable. Being an ardent fan of boxing himself, Lee May has an exceptionally soft spot for boxers who lack the necessary resources to pursue their passion. With that said, May dedicates his time and money to gathering essential boxing equipment. Those with terminal cancer tug at his heartstrings as well, prompting him to offer financial resources to those in need. Both altruistic and profoundly wise, Lee May is a man of many merits.



History of Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is currently a well-known judge in Brazil as well as a professor at Pontifical Catholic University. Marco Antonio was born in 1958 in Itapetininga city, and at the age of fifteen years, he decided that he was going to take the law as for his career. In 1977, Marco enrolled for his legal studies and graduated in 1981 and afterward decided to pursue masters and doctorate degrees in teaching from the Pontifical Catholic University. In 1982, Marco was already a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University. In 1983, Marco Antonio joined the judiciary of the state where he worked in the counties of Diadema, Monte Alto, Palmeira D’Oeste and São Paulo.


In 2002 Marco Antonio Marques da Silva got promoted and became an assistant substitute judge. Marco later became a judge of the courts of appeal in 2007. Recently on 1st may in a meeting held at Pontifical Catholic University PUC-São Paulo honored Marco Antonio Marques da Silva for his ever readiness to help in everything. One of his greatest help was in the construction of an auditorium at Perdizes Campus which was named after him. Professor Marco is an author with his literary works of 13 books and ten articles. Additionally, Marco Antonio holds a postdoctoral fellowship from Coimbra in the faculty of law.


Marco da Silva is among the treasurers of the Pontifical Catholic University in the faculty of law. He is recognized as one of the prominent professors in the university by both the students and fellow professors for his honesty, zealousness, and for being a good man. Antonio is a man who always desires a change that ensures human dignity is available and real to all humans’ regardless of their sex, color, economic, social or even political status.


Marco Antonio has received many awards due to his dedication and commitment in performing his duty. One of the many awards that he has received is a medal given to him by the Pontifical Catholic University office for his continued support, commitment and dedication in working towards the mission of the office.